HMS Stubborn P238

HMS Stubborn P238
Location: 4km off Qawra Point
Type: Boat dive
Maximum depth: 56m
Minimum diver ability: Normoxic Trimix Diver

Diving on HMS Stubborn P238

Launched on the 11th of November 1942, the HMS Stubborn was a 66m long submarine hosting a crew of 44 sailors. Armed with 13 torpedoes that could be launched from any of its six 21 inch or single stern tube, the submarine was also fitted with a 3 inch gun and a 20, Oerlikon machine gun mounted at the stern.This submarine was scuttled in the final months of the Second World War after it was hit by a depth charge which destroyed its tail fin. The HMS Stubborn was subsequently used for target practice by the Royal Navy. Today, this beautifully preserved wreck lies at a depth of 56m and lies on the seabed with a tilt of 10 degrees towards starboard.This wreck is easily accessible by boat and the use of mixed gas is advisable.