Recreational Diving in Malta

Scuba is an acronym for ‘self-contained underwater breathing apparatus’. There are several ways a person can go under water (breath-hold, helmet diving, submarine, etc.). “Diving with scuba” means using equipment that is completely carried by the diver and not connected to the surface, hence self-contained.

Recreational scuba diving, as taught by scuba certifying federations, is defined by:

  • Uses only compressed air as the breathing mixture;
  • Is never done solo;
  • Does not exceed a depth of 32 meters;
  • Has a depth-time profile not requiring a decompression stop; if necessary one can ascend to the surface without stopping;
  • Does not require specialized training beyond the basic open water course.

Malta is a diving paradise. It’s just a perfect place to explore various wrecks of sunken ships, planes, submarines. Pristine waters of the Mediterranean make diving here enjoyable at any depths. Maltese underwater world also offers a great variety of little caves and caverns with their colorful inhabitants. No matter what diving level you are at, in Malta you’ll find a suitable place with incredible underwater sights.

You can check out the list of Maltese dive sites with brief descriptions to find out more about diving opportunities around the archipelago.

Diving Courses

Our courses ensure maximum hands-on experience and interaction.
The expertise of our diving instructors will undoubtedly guarantee an unforgettable underwater experience in the realm of the Maltese islands.

In case you are inspired to become instructors yourselves, Abyss diving Club’s team is authorised to prepare you accordingly. One to  five-day-diving packages and much more – Abyss Diving Club prides itself on being flexible in its offers, giving you the best options, meeting your personal requirements and needs.

We are also offering the opportunity for already qualified diving instructors to learn an extra trick, or two! Contact us for tailor-made courses, just for you!

** Age Requirements apply. Students wishing to acquire PADI certification will need to purchase manuals at an extra charge.