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U Sailing school is located in the Portomaso Marina – one of the most picturesque coves in Malta. The Marina has a highly convenient and calm exit to the open sea allowing for practical exercises. Malta’s year-long sunshine and mild Mediterranean climate guarantee sailing lessons regardless the season!


The school offers training sessions in Malta for kids as young as eight years as well as for  teens. It is also in charge of the organisation of international competitions and has come up with a variety of fun and interesting activities in the spare time between lessons. We offer a complete package:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • All necessary training equipment
  • Organising leisure extracurricular activities
Students at U-Dive Malta Sailing school for kids.  
Students at U Sailing school for kids.


Training session at U-Dive Malta Sailing school for kids.
Training session at U Sailing school for kids.

U Sailing school also arranges joint trainings with various local Maltese sailing clubs and caters for children’s participation in local sailing competitions. Introducing the youth sailing was essential for us in order to open a window of opportunity for young wannabe sailors. We don’t simply improve their skills or develop their competitive spirit, but also support them to gain invaluable international experience, find new friends and open their minds to new environments, countries, and cultures. Our school cares about the well-rounded progress of our young captains. In order to encourage our young friends, we also take them on educational excursions around the Maltese archipelago, on interesting shore trips, trial scuba dives and even organise English lessons! Don’t you just love it? Get in touch!