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Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Located 6 km northwest of the island of Malta.

In Gozo we will have the opportunity to see fantastic cliffs, rock formations, prehistoric ruins and enjoy the calm and relaxed way of life on the island.

About diving here is 2 popular town when most of the divers are coming:

Djwera located in the northwest is where was the Azure Window , it should also be noted that the famous Azure Window rock collapsed on March 8, 2017, due to strong winds and although it is a pity that we found this beautiful natural rock formation lost, we can say that not everything is lost now it is underwater and we can see his remains from another perspective.

In this area you can find restaurants, parking and toilets and beautiful views.

The other popular town is Xatt l-ahmar located in the south is where two of the most famous wrecks of Gozo are, in this spot you can find parking and nice views.



South / Northwest
Bus Stop
Blue Hole

You have to live it

Shore dive
Open Water Diver 
The Blue Hole is the result of thousands of years of erosion of the rock by the wind and waves on the Gozitan cliff side. At a maximum depth of 50m, this dive site is particularly popular due to the wide variety of marine life, besides the unusual formation of rocks forming this site, rendering this dive interesting to marine photographers and marine wildlife enthusiasts alike.
Coral Cave

Stunning Backlighting

Shore dive
Advanced Open Water Diver
Located at the opposite side of the Blue Hole, huge semicircular cave under the cliffs of west part of Gozo. The top of the cave is coral and bottom of it is sandy.
Inland Sea

The most beautiful entrance

Shore dive
Open Water Diver 
The inland bay surrounding the Blue hole is 60m wide and 28m deep at most, making it possible to surface at all times from the dive. The bay is surrounded by cliffs, adding to the aesthetic value of the dive.
Karwela and Cominoland

Yes, it's real

Shore dive
Advanced Open Water Diver 
The MV Karwela was sunk in August 2006 and is accessible from the shore. However, this may be problematic due to the rocky shoreline which dots the shore near this wreck. The MV Karwela was first launched in 1957 and arrived in Malta to serve as a passenger ferry on 1986. Due to its large structure, the MV Karwela can be easily accessed from various parts. Many divers also visit this wreck to see a vintage Volkswagen Beetle which mysteriously appeared on the wreck following its scuttling. It is widely believed that this was the result of a prank by local divers. Unfortunately, now the Beetle has been washed away by the currents.