Zurrieq and Ghar Lapsi are the most important diving spot of the south :

Wied Iz-Zurrieq as cirkewwa is a comfortable place where you find parking, restaurants, bathrooms and also a beautiful viewpoint from where you can easily see FILFLA islet.

From this diving spot you can take the boat to visit the Blue Grotto or in case you do not feel like going by boat then you also can see it from the top of the hill where are the cliffs. If you would like to stay there after your dives you can do so as there is a bus stop in case you need to come back using the public transport.

Ghar Lapsi is also on the south of the island, just 5 min away from Zurrieq. This town is perfect for families; has a nice small bay where you can swim, and also to do diving. If you would like to eat there you can find a couple of restaurants around specialized in seafood.


Bus Stop
Boats to Blue Grotto

Pure impression

Shore dive
Advanced Open Water Diver 
The Um El Faroud is a 110m, oil tanker that was built in Middlesbrough in 1969 and operated between Malta and Libya. During maintenance works in the Malta Drydocks on the 3rd of February 1995, an explosion occurred in one of the fuel tanks, tragically killing nine shipyard workers in one of the worst accidents to happen at the dry docks following the Second World War.The vessel suffered extensive structural damage and was deemed to be beyond repair. On September 2, 1998, the ship was scuttled and provided an artificial reef, which today is teeming with marine life. Quite often schools of barracudas can be seen around it.This wreck can be accessed following a 10-minute swim from the shore and can be covered in one dive if the breathing rate is kept low. However, a majority of divers who visit this wreck opt to make two dives in order to appreciate the wreck’s structures and marine environment.
The Helmet


Ghar Lapsi Caves

Majestic landscapes

Shore dive
Open Water Diver 
This diving site is one of the most sought after sites in Malta due to the presence of large underwater caves, sandy bays and reefs. The area between the sand and the reef is covered by a variety of grass and algae. The underwater caverns also contain interesting sponges and sea life.
St Michael and Tug 10

Nice and Quiet

Shore dive
Open Water Diver 
The St. Michael and Tug 10 wreck may be accessed off Zonqor Point following a 5 minute swim from the shore. Both were launched in 1994 and scuttled together in 1998. At 20m, the St Michael is the longer of the two vessels, with No. 10 being slightly shorter at 16m.
The visibility is normally good enough to enable divers to locate the two wrecks easily. A rope has recently been installed linking these two wrecks together to make it easier for divers to visit both wrecks.