Winter diving in Malta

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Diving in Malta during the winter period (December-March) is not only possible but also will give you underwater experiences that are as good as any in the summer and sometimes even better. See for yourself – there is a load of advantages!

The Maltese Mediterranean and the dive sites – tired of being overcrowded by divers of different skills (at times not high) in the summer – are having a rest. As you know, on holiday not only people but also nature become kind-hearted and ready to share things which doesn’t happen in everyday stressful life where one doesn’t have time, energy or the elementary desire to do that.

Big amount of divers in summer

Big amount of divers in summer

In winter you will be able to see far more than just a bubbly mess with a fussy crowd of instructors and divemasters trying to identify their students – your diving mates on traditional summer holiday in the Mediterranean sea doing their best not to lose sight of the leader of the group. You will discover rare varieties of underwater flora and fauna that are inaccessible during the high season.

The same benefits can be found with other services. Prices for flights, hotels, restaurant go down but, remarkably, not at the expense of quality. Dive centres and instructors are willing to give your maximum personalized service and minimize the number of divers in a group, but they are not able to do that in the summer for obvious reasons. Whereas in winter you will get top-quality service and also special offers.

Good holidays for cheap price

Good holidays for cheap price

There is only one disadvantage worth mentioning to be fair – the temperature of the water which is +14-16 degrees. However, even this disadvantage is relative and easy to eliminate thanks to the selection of appropriate diving suits. By the way, this temperature is even another advantage for those who are used to diving in northern regions (Norway, Germany, Sweden, Baltic states) where the water is colder. If you are staying at the Dolmen or Hilton hotel where the offices of our diving club are situated you can indulge yourself in a sauna or heated pool after diving.

santa underwater

Proper suit for Christmas!

It is no accident that a former marine, nowadays a wealthy business person Kevin William (Miami, Florida) chose this time of the year and the Dolmen hotel for getting an Open Water Diver certificate. Moreover, he does not look cold or disappointed in the photos. Neither do two friends from London who made their first dive exactly in the conditions of winter Malta.


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